We are excited to launch our NXT VIP card, bringing you some fantastic discounts across Oxfordshire! To get your NXT VIP card attend our next NXT event!

Our cards expire around 2 months after production. Most discounts available are in store only so you can’t get them without presenting your NXT VIP card.

Our top brands include:

• Ashmolean Museum

• Dirty Bones

• Pizza Pilgrims

• Victors

Terms & Conditions of use:

1.1 To view the offers available please scan the QR code found on your NXT VIP card.

1.2 You must present your NXT VIP card in order to benefit from the offers provided.

1.3 Each card produced is valid for around 1-2 months after production - please respect the expiry date listed on your card. After expiry attend an upcoming NXT event to receive the next NXT VIP card.

1.4 The NXT VIP card is available to ages 30 and under who regularly attend NXT events.

1.5 The NXT VIP card allows you to benefit from discounts on certain products and services. The offers available to you and the organisations providing such benefits are not fixed and may vary or be withdrawn at any time.

1.6 The NXT VIP card is not a certified proof of age card.

Please note this is a new scheme which we hope will eventually go digital. With this in mind:

2.1 Please respect the offer providers and the terms of conditions of each offer. Negative experiences for you and the offer providers will impact on the long term success of the card.

2.2 Please bear in mind that some members of staff might not have been told about the offers – after all, there are a lot of offers out there! If the member of staff does not know about the NXT VIP card, please ask to speak to a manager and, if possible, show the offer listed on the NXT website.

2.3 Some offers will be restricted to the NXT VIP cardholder only or a limited number of people – again, please respect the terms and conditions of use.

If you require assistance with your NXT VIP card please contact 01865 742211.